mason's Journal

New York, New York

Saturday 2nd August, 2003

Boo Ya. Were in NYC, this place is Nutz, everyone walks, talks and thinks so dam fast, but were catching up.

1st off the bat. I saw a live taping of Jackass We were in times square, and bam magera or ryan dunn (can't remember who), was skating n shit, so I got a close up pic of them. Then they rode down the side of times square on a scooter blind folded

We saw Caberet the other night, that was kool. Weve seen all the major sites, and seen a couple of bars. We went to the original coyotee ugly bar where the movie was based on. It was a fun place, cept the bar staff are all just a bunch of sluts.

Were staying at a youth hostel uptown at 103rd st / amsterdam ave, which is just down from harlem. most of the people who were on the contiki trip are still @ the other hotel on 74th, so we spend more time there @ the end of the nights.

I'm gonna cruise, and go check out some more shit, and i'll tell u more when I get home on weds.

Have fun People
[Manhattan, New York]

Washington DC :: DAY 2

Sunday 27th July, 2003


Washington DC is pretty cool, I got 'Jiggy' With the locals tonight, and its fucking awesome.

The night ended in 'tradgedy' when a dude from our Contiki group passed out from excessive alcohol and got hauled off in an ambulance

Fun Fun. We have seen a shit load of historical shit. Last night, we went on a tour of the whole of washington DC to see where Dr Martin luther King ('I had a dream...') made that speech, which is the Abraham lincoln memorial.

We also saw the thomas jefferson memorial (3rd presedent). We also saw 101 other monuments, which exceeded the number of monuments in monuement valley out west (request photos).

** Note :: I have been drinking shoch horror, so take it into concideration **.

Now Let me see. ah, Ghanster rap. We have listented to more ghanster rap in the last 20x days, than i've ever heard in my life. There is a channel on cable called 'BET' (black ententertainment televsion ( It fuckin rocks. Go on the website, and download the top 10 songs. Back with a vengance.

Bah Bai.

Washington DC

Saturday 26th July, 2003

Heyaz, Okies, I've found a net cafe, people are getting
pissed, cos i'm chatting. Whose gives a fuck. I'm aussie, so I deserve royalty.

We were only @ the hotel for 10 minutes (the finest one yet) and we already totally trashed a room. (return prank).

Its hot, but nice. Can't remember where we were last night, but it was cool, the night before, we were in Savanah (Where forrest gump was sitting on the chair in the movie), and we went to a mesueum some where and saw the chair, and the park where it was filmed, and got our group photo.

Were in washington for 3 nights, and were doing a night tour tongight. We went and saw JFK's gravesite this morning, and the monument of marines putting up a flag, u'll know it, when I show photos.

I'll be home in bout 2 weeks, so i'll have a BBQ or some shit, and i'll have a big photo session. I'm up to about 20 rolls of film, so it should be good.

New Orleans was probs the funnest place recently, u earn beeds by flashing, it works 2 ways, so blokes earn them aswell. I got a nice little collection. One of the NZ chicks on the trip, was had so many, she struggled to walk (it was novel).

There is a really bad (but tasty) coctail in the region called a 'Hurricane'. I had only 3 of them in a night, and I was @ my most drunkest moment in history. ** Must Try :: New orleans - Hurricane **.

Okies, its fuckin hot, and I wanna go for a swim before dinner, so Have fun you aussies!!!

PS- We lost 1/2 the tour bus in orlando, and got 1/2 new people, and their all a bunch of dickheads, cept some of the ladies.

Have fun guys, and I'll talk to you from NYC.

Washington DC.


Wednesday 23rd July, 2003

Heyas, Sorry, I havn't posted shit all since Vegas. The line to get net access is hell everywhere, and there are so many poeple in our groups wanting to use it.

Were in St Augustine, Florida. We went and saw the kennedy space centre this morning and went past the Daytona race track.

Weve been right across the country through Memphis, new orleans, and even Texas. (14 states, can't remember the others).

I'll have a phat BBQ when I get home, and tell yall about it.

Talk to yall l8r on.

[ St Augustine, Florida ]