mason's Journal

Viva Las Vegas

Monday 7th July, 2003

Yes, weve been surfing the tidal heat wave of vegas. Hot and saucey 24 hours a day.

It gets up to 42c during the day, and down to about 32c at night. Weve been to some of the wildest bars, i've ever seen, and done some other crazy shit. The places are all themed and my favourite would have to be new york ney york.
It has a really mad roller coaster called the manhatten express and the cyodee ugly bar (subject to spell check).

The whole town lives 24 hours a day, and is a neon wonderland. During the day, we've tendered to see the touristy things and shopped, and at night, we've hit the tables and clubs. I got home this morning @ 8am and had breaky, then went out again.

Its now sunday morning @ 2:30am, and were going to the grand canyon in a couple of hours. Everyones been trying to sleep during the day, tho its so hot, u just want to get up and go swimming. The heat is unbearable (42c).

I went up to the stratosphere tower this evening and rode the highest thrill ride in the world (the big shot) and the highest roller coaster which goes around the tower (112 storeys high).

I've only got 3 mins of credit left, so i'm gonna have to cut it short in a sec. I havn't heard from any of you, and I can only get on irc if the machines are dodgy, and let me download mirc, so send me email

For the next week or so, were not gonna have any net facilities, so there probs won't be any posts for a while.

Have fun guys.

PS- marilyn manson played here tongiht.

[7th July 2003] 02:35am

This aint no disco, this is LA.

Saturday 5th July, 2003

Yes, lovely LA. Smog from here to the mountains, holywood, bevely hills, and everything else.

We got here about 2 days ago, and in celcius, its about 42c during the day. The traffic is really bad here, and the free ways have 'super changes' to allow all the traffic to merge...Its still slow.

We went on the holywood and downtown LA night tour last night, it was kool, novelty highlight :: the shop wynona ryder got busted shop lifting in.

We saw all the famous holywood spots, the walk of fame, and the chinse theatre with the hand prints in the concrete...

I went out to six flags magic mountain, (, and it was an extreme roller coaster park, it was nutz, and my eyes are blood shot from the rides. Its school hols here and the lines are pretty bad aswell.

The nastyest ride, (go look for pics) was called Xtreme, and the seats are faced backwards on the coster and your sort of lying down, then when u get to the top, theres a vertical drop, and it 'flips' the seats around, so your facing the ground, then it lets u go.... very novel.

Were staying in anehiem which is next door to disneyland, and cos its the 4th of July, we went over to see the fireworks there.

The americans are so patriotic, theres american flags all over the americans and their cars. By the way, the cars here are massive, and I found out that, its cos its easyer to drive in the snow usnig a big car, cept LA doesn't even come close to snow.

we had a dinner n crap with my contiki group tonight, and there all good, so it'll be fun.

FACT:: Yes, the toilets do go backwards here.

We tested this point when we arrived, and its true. (counter clockwise) go check.

Were heading to Vegas tomorrow. So I doubt we will be sleeping for a few days, and its gonna rock! This is the first time i've been able to use the net since I hi-jacked the net over the counter @ the hotel in San Francisco.

I don't know when my next post will be, cos I'm not sure how the other places are, but i'll put another one up after Vegas, so I can get the 'jist' of it.

Talk 2 Yall L8r
[4th July - Independace Day] 1:30am


Last Day in san francisco

Thursday 3rd July, 2003

Yes, i'm afraid its true. Were leaving to go back to LA in the morning. It's been fun.

We've been kind of lucky, the person who i'm travelling with, has friends in San Francisco, which is kool, cos she takes us everywhere which is fun.

We went out to the 'East Side' last night with the san fran chick and her local friends to some of the local clubs. San Francisco has a really fucked up rule that says that the bars all have to close @ 2am, but they close earlyer, and we all got booted out of the club @ like 1:30am.

Were still jet lagged, and didn't go to sleep last night, but I managed to get a nap in the this arvo. I took over the hotel reception desk to scam free net access, while the manager went off and had some fun. I even ended up serving someone lol.

Ne ways, were learnging the culture a bit more and understanding the do's and dont's. Aparently every state is so very different to each other, and social rules change, but have the same base to them.

I only got another minute of net access left, so i'll have to finish up soon.

The place were staying @, is really nice and clean and we have the room to ourselves. It has all but room service and hot blonde nymph norweigns woman.

Have fun everyone and enjoy your holidays.


Sanfranciso ( Part 2)

Wednesday 2nd July, 2003


Well, we wemt as saw the all famouse, sing and dancing alcatraz today, we saw the golden gate bridge, and ... ah the san fran cable cars. We got a guided tour from this san fran chick, (no).

This place has been fun. Were starting to understand the culture here, and its been a big diff from australia. We got dumped into the worst place in sanfran were most of the shootings occur, and where havin a ball.

Tip : The burbon and cokes are really 'burbon and a little coke'. Theu fill the glass 80% with burbon, then put in a spalsh of coke @ the end, demand your passport, then u pay them for the drink, and leave an extra dollar on the counter to justify the shit house wages (tipping).

Alcatraz :: It was novel. The person i was travellin with, wasn't to impressed, but I had fun. We saw al capoones cell, and all the other tools that were there, and got insight int theor escape plans ... yada yada yada WHAT EVERE (ask me later for more detail).

What else.. We saw the golden gate bridge, cept it was real foggy. Ps- the temp here is spot on canberra. Its sunny as hell, summer, tho its freezing. (I was hangig off a tram this arvo, and I was freezin my nutz off).

What else have we done :: Well, i'm hanging over the counter of the HI (hostelling international (ameicas equiv if the youth hostel in australia)). And i'm sending it from here, so the dude is hittin on the chick i'm staying with, so he doesn't care + It costs like AU$5 to send email, bah, like i'm gonna make that investment.

Theres a bum in the room next to me selling bloody shit house croched (subject to speeling) hats, which are real crap, and wouldn't save an otta from the san fram bay (yes, there here).

She was crapping on house some political crap last night, and shes still here, cos the accom is cheap, and pretty much all the streets in san fran are full of bums.

Its aparently pretty vionlat (subject to spellin), that womans now talking bout people she wan't to bump off lol.

3 people were shot, before some dude shot himself in the street next to us, so were up for cab fares most of the time. Heres marketing for you:: we were @ some camera shop down in the bay who sold stamps and they retailed @ 70c US, althogh he was chargin $1 US. He claims its a lot better than going up to the post office, where its pretty dangerous and cos were 'foreiners' we have a higher chance of getting killed'. lol.

Ah fuck, its nearly 4am. Bah. *** Fire engines and cops are outside our hotel ***. Lol, last night, the cops were in here, checking out a rape case, so i came down to reception to get change (check out the gos) and I got to have a good chat to a cop (there were like 10-15 of them here) and he said the worst place to hang around in san franscisco were our street (Ellis St - remember it.!).

** Police and fire just left **, I dun know if i've already mentioned it, but the cops look like the police academy cops lol, i'm serious. I thought movie world on the gold cost was so very fake.

Important Point :: I can see how the culture here is percieved throught the shit we listened to in Canb .. Dre, snoop, enemim.. I've talked to heaps of people here bout them. Althought, What we see in australia is simply derived from the american culture here. Dont' look @ the shit on the tv shows n crap and assume, thats how it is, cos its not!

Bah. I dunno when i'll post again, cos i dun know whats hapening from here, cept were heading back to LA. (Its nice) and I think @ the moment, were goin to venice beach / the stip + mabe the six flag theme park (the person i'm traveling with aint too keen on theme parks, so i'll have to org something).

Cyas all later.