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07 May 12Pushing agendas with statistics(0 comments)
28 Feb 11Hilfe! German emails in mutt?(0 comments)
22 Jan 11TP-Link TD-8840 Worst modem ever(0 comments)
13 Jan 11No more ADSL modems?(0 comments)
23 Aug 10Top Gear Australia: Not again!(0 comments)
12 May 10Managing Expectations(0 comments)
29 Apr 10IPv6: Still "beta" quality(0 comments)
06 Apr 10Windows 7 on an ancient laptop(0 comments)
28 Jan 10Three reasons Kindle trumps iPad(0 comments)
11 Aug 09Dell sold your email to spammers(2 comments)
29 Jul 09Not all your users have Flash(2 comments)
31 May 09Using mencoder for Nokia N85/N95(1 comments)
25 May 09Migrating data from E65 to N85(0 comments)
06 Feb 093G/Wireless is NOT broadband(0 comments)
19 Jan 09Getting published in the Press(0 comments)
12 Jan 09Unit pricing: yet another bungle(1 comments)
03 Dec 08Why "DDA" has already failed(1 comments)
06 Nov 08Why isn't the market open 24/7?(0 comments)
29 Sep 08Top Gear Australia: FAIL(0 comments)
23 Sep 08Axe pension; don't raise it(1 comments)
27 Aug 08Channel Ten cheating on content?(1 comments)
24 Aug 08What Top Gear has others don't(1 comments)
19 Aug 08Further exploring the FUI(2 comments)
07 Aug 08The union, standing up for..them(0 comments)
28 Jul 08Web 2.0: Sorta like Windows 1.0(0 comments)
14 Jul 08Flash: The best reason to go 64(0 comments)
27 Jun 08New computers not fast anymore(0 comments)
18 Jun 08Web design rule #1: consistency(0 comments)
28 May 08Telstra "hologram" media stunt(1 comments)
26 May 08OpenID: Just plain clunky(0 comments)
15 May 08Mexican pasta bake(1 comments)
14 May 08Definition of "young" is absurd(1 comments)
05 May 08Project doomed before it starts(0 comments)
03 May 08Free city-wide wireless canned(0 comments)
02 May 08Synchronisation: the solution(0 comments)
01 May 08Cost of churn vs. acquisition(0 comments)
30 Apr 08More taxes without losing votes(1 comments)
29 Apr 08Setting the developer benchmark(2 comments)
27 Apr 08AMD buys ATi; Nvidia buys Via?(0 comments)
26 Apr 08Economics at its finest(0 comments)
25 Apr 08Climate "scientists" high: proof(1 comments)
24 Apr 08Nokia Music Store: Epic Fail(1 comments)
23 Apr 08Awesome cheesy white pasta sauce(0 comments)
22 Apr 08Why I won't be getting "Naked"(3 comments)
21 Apr 08BMW 1-series: diluting the brand(0 comments)
30 Mar 08Earth Hour: another media stunt(3 comments)
22 Mar 08First home buyers buying plasmas(0 comments)
18 Mar 08Funds invest wisely; Greens moan(1 comments)
16 Mar 08This is a hamburger...(1 comments)
03 Mar 08ACS: Popular media's new floozy(0 comments)
28 Feb 08Internet self-diagnosis(0 comments)
18 Feb 08Kingsleys Steakhouse: Utter Crab(0 comments)
08 Feb 08Anger at Taxes and fines(0 comments)
01 Feb 08The buck stops with me; Except..(3 comments)
25 Jan 08Targus AKB04US - Perfection(0 comments)
21 Jan 08New keyboard layouts: fail(1 comments)
19 Jan 08eBooks for all(1 comments)
11 Jan 08Cheap car revealed; hippies moan(0 comments)
09 Jan attracts worst of worst(0 comments)
02 Jan 08_new is _evil(0 comments)
21 Dec 07Best and worst coffee in Barton(0 comments)
10 Dec 07Hunt for the best console font(0 comments)
05 Dec 07Multi-platform advocates quality(0 comments)
04 Dec 07Firefox performance a line item(0 comments)
01 Dec 07MySQL is NOT an Enterprise DB(0 comments)
30 Nov 07Why there's no incentive for IE8(0 comments)
28 Nov 07Merit not based on Open Source(0 comments)
26 Nov 07"Broadband" should be redefined(0 comments)
23 Nov 07Greens extremists are hypocrites(0 comments)
22 Nov 07Lift usability(0 comments)
20 Nov 07Move aside heater: Spider's here(0 comments)
15 Nov 07Java is not suitable for mobile(2 comments)
14 Nov 07Canberra marginalising itself(0 comments)
12 Nov 07!important should be !rethink(1 comments)
08 Nov 07Surveys dominated by cheapskates(1 comments)
06 Nov 07Second Life: Written by amateurs(0 comments)
01 Nov 07Molestation of Google(0 comments)
31 Oct 07Don't ever buy from HP(0 comments)
23 Oct 07Proliferation of gTLDs(0 comments)
17 Oct 07Heritage listings are retrograde(0 comments)
10 Oct 07Buy direct from the US, cheaper(1 comments)
09 Oct 07Antivirus like airbags on planes(1 comments)
08 Oct 07What's a Designtard?(0 comments)
21 Sep 07Spamassassin feeds OCD(0 comments)
13 Sep 07Facebook, Bebo and Hi5 want YOU!(0 comments)
27 Aug 077 signs your project will fail(2 comments)
24 Aug 07Java is everywhere!(0 comments)
03 Jul 07Daily checkin (n)(0 comments)
16 Jun 07Idea: GSM CellID driver for GPS(1 comments)
13 Jun 07Removing a cloudy oil stain(0 comments)
10 Jun 07Charge me to save you(2 comments)
07 Jun 07Telstra was right(0 comments)
31 May 07Subway process improvement(0 comments)
11 May 07Parenting's blame culture(0 comments)
07 May 07Credit drives impulse purchases(0 comments)
02 May 07A poem for PHP(0 comments)
29 Apr 07Women in Engineering misguided(1 comments)
19 Apr 07Copy messages from old Nokia(0 comments)
18 Apr 07Broken TERM in screen on Redhat(0 comments)
12 Apr 07Design companies are retards(0 comments)
07 Mar 07Fluorescent not the answer(0 comments)
27 Feb 07Recycling? Global warming!(0 comments)
14 Feb 072 in 3 HDTV owners stupid(0 comments)
31 Jan 07DVD durability(0 comments)
14 Jan 07iPhone? Not I.(1 comments)
02 Jan 07Firefox 2.0 close button(1 comments)
30 Dec 06Vietnam, Vietnam(0 comments)
10 Dec 06Eudora molestation(0 comments)
04 Dec 06Used car sales 101(4 comments)
29 Nov 06Introducing Web 3.0(2 comments)
22 Oct 06Process Improvement 1(6 comments)
24 Sep 06Webmaster stupidity(5 comments)
08 Sep 06Crikey! The nerve of her!(0 comments)
23 Aug 06Worst coffee on earth(1 comments)
14 Aug 06Visual Terrorism(5 comments)
11 Aug 06Sizing up MySQL(0 comments)
08 Aug 06Software development mistakes(0 comments)
07 Aug 06Making the Web 2.0 Safe(0 comments)
02 Aug 06On testing and quality(0 comments)
26 Jul 06The corporate desk(0 comments)
25 Jul 06Effective Telemarketing(3 comments)
23 Jul 06Brand Snob(3 comments)
16 Jul 06Why I don't use a Virus Scanner(2 comments)
24 Jun 06Bittorrent: The new medium(2 comments)
25 May 06Popups: You can't hide(1 comments)
17 May 06Best effort(1 comments)
11 May 06The Centrelink Bank(2 comments)
08 May 06Not digital? No wonder.(2 comments)
07 May 06Eurotrash: The Future(1 comments)
03 May 06D-Link not-so-suck(0 comments)
29 Apr 06Firefox sucks.(3 comments)
28 Apr 06C# is retarded(0 comments)
23 Apr 06Red meat: Just eat it.(0 comments)
23 Apr 06New Journals(0 comments)
13 Apr 06Ah, D-Link(2 comments)
08 Apr 06Web Applications(1 comments)
03 Apr 06Gift Certificates(0 comments)
28 Mar 06Four wheel drive tax(0 comments)
30 Dec 05Spam can be useful!(0 comments)
09 Dec 05Linking Images(0 comments)
20 Oct 05AFP lacks credibility(0 comments)
10 Oct 05Ten reasons I hate Uni(0 comments)
21 Sep 05Wasting your money(0 comments)
07 Sep 05Red Tape Machine(0 comments)
10 Aug 05Start VSU(0 comments)
28 Jul 05Google Error??(1 comments)
22 Jul 05Dear Netspeed(2 comments)
18 Jul 05Unis need Accountability(0 comments)
14 Jul 05Netspeed SUCKS(0 comments)
20 Jun 05An Avalanche of DNA(0 comments)
18 Jun 05Why I hate The Greens Party(1 comments)
16 Jun 05AI Hurties(1 comments)
30 May 05New MSN, New Bloat(1 comments)
26 May 05Another Day, Another Pileup(0 comments)
22 Apr 05Acrobat: The Daily Fight(0 comments)
23 Mar 05What's in it for Me?(0 comments)
26 Nov 04Gloria Jeans Puka Colada(1 comments)
21 Nov 04MPAA. Suck.(0 comments)
09 Aug 04Why the Media hates us(0 comments)
15 Jun 04Against inhibition(2 comments)
19 Mar 04When all fails....(0 comments)
08 Feb 04The things we do for Bandwidth(0 comments)
06 Jan 04It's that time again...(0 comments)
22 Nov 03Work and Play(0 comments)
17 Aug 03Speed Camera Goodness(1 comments)
11 Aug 03Rain Rain, Go Away(1 comments)
06 Aug 03Return of Physics(0 comments)
05 Aug 03Wow, Nem writes in his Journal(0 comments)
23 Jun 03The first journal entry!(1 comments)

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