Wow. What a pretty little site. I appreciate the love, nemesis (although I think you need a better name - for both the site and for yourself). Unfortunately, the people on :Shudder: Realmtech apparently have difficulties in speaking English. cf. Monnie: "Thats absoultley beautiful." For the uninitiated - if there are two words 'contracted' into another word, it is a contraction, and there is usually an apostrophe where the letters have been removed. And jeez, this Monnie character spelt 'absolutely' wrong. It's a simple word, and it's a THREE WORD POST for God's sake (btw, that apostrophe was not a contraction - that was God in the possessive case. But well spotted).
Also, where are all the controversial topics? Photos of semi-naked women (or at least famous women with obvious displays of nippage)? r0x0rz-ing 1337-sp34k3rs <3-ing teh n00bs? I mean, c'mon man, if you want this site to grow from a bunch of people who live in the same city and talk to each other every day and could just as easily meet up in real life, to a site that actually has (SHOCK!) visitors, you gotta include some of the aforementioned items. (Dibs on the arrogant and irritating 1337-sp34k3r. As for the nippage... Try current teen-queen/wet dream, <a href=''>Lindsay Lohan</a>.)
I hope to have many fruitful conversations with you all on :Shudder: Realmtech's way to Internet deification. Until then...




Submitted by nemesis on Sun 24/10/2004 - 22:44

Well, as you can guess, not many people actually write journals on Realmtech.

You, I'm guessing will be like the majority of journal-writers opn realmtech -- write once, and never again.

The journals thing was a request from Mason in the first place. So i went ahead and wrote it. He wrote in it all through his US trip, and never again...

Perhaps if more people decided to write journals more reguarly, I'd spend the time making it better.

Time will tell.

Submitted by nemesis on Sun 24/10/2004 - 23:13

And why does everyone insist on not filling in the fields about themselves in their profiles??

It's not like I'm going to send you realmtech spam...