Acrobat: The Daily Fight

With evermore organisations moving toward the "Paperless office", the inevitable solution is to use PDFs. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with PDFs (as you may gather from the PDFs I spew out in the Documents part of the Other Section.

PDFs are great for certificates, documents, etc. It's the program (Adobe Acrobat) that shits me. In my frustration with Acrobat 6, I decided to install Acrobat 7. Now, I haven't yet had a good rant about Java yet (don't get me started), but the latest Acrobat gives me pangs of pain in my spleen, reminiscent of Java.

The new Acrobat seems even more bloated than the last. The main reason I upgraded to 7 was because this site said it's a shitload faster. All Adobe seems to have done is pull a 'Win98' on us: Sure, Acrobat seems to load faster, but it looks like it's still loading all its bloody plugins and other crap in the background. You essentially wait the same amount of time before you have a usable browser again.

And another thing that shits me (and reminds me of Java), is Acrobat leeches itself onto everything. It installs a stupid web plugin in both IE and Firefox that crashes the browser half the time and you lose all the sites you were looking at. And in IE it's stupid plugin has the nerve to modify the menus!

Acrobat is suffering the same problem Jasc's Paint Shop Pro suffered (and still does suffer). I found myself installing PSP 4 instead of "the latest and the greatest" because since 5.0, Jasc has been trying to emulate Adobe's Photoshop (unsuccessfully I might add). The only reasons I kept PSP around was because it loaded fast, and could do some things (e.g. convert a whole directory of BMPs to JPEGs) with less mouse-clicks. I don't even bother installing PSP 4 anymore...

So, here's about the point where I need a conclusion huh...
I can't wait till Microsoft writes their own PDF viewer/writer. It'll load faster, be more stable, and irritate me less than Adobe's shitty Acrobat.