New MSN, New Bloat

MSN 47

So, I decided to try the new MSN Messenger. It's up to version 7.0 now. As you're guessing by the topic, the new MSN's 7.3MB download is even more bloated than previous versions.

With your new Messenger, you have the option of installing yet more crap, like an MSN toolbar in your browser, or a MSN-branded popup blocker. Oh yeah, and it occupies even more screen real-estate.

Compare MSN Messenger 7.0 to version 4.7:

MSN 70 MSN 47

Yep, you got it, 7.0 takes up over 80% more real estate than 4.7...

I find myself thinking to myself, how many of these 'extra features' do I actually give a shit about?

'Alerts tab'?

Adidas ad?
Definately not.

Search bar?
Why do I want a web search bar in my messenger?

If only Trillian worked through my work's narky firewall....