D-Link not-so-suck

So, after ripping on D-Link, I discovered they're one of the few hardware manufacturers around that actually has a three year warranty on their products.

As pointed out in a previous entry, I had a DWL-900AP+ that rebooted after receiving a DHCP packet. So, I decided to try my luck with D-Link's RMA department.

After verifying that the product was indeed purchased in Australia, and was still under warranty, D-Link issued me with an RMA number, and told me to post the unit off to their office in Sydney. I did this on Saturday.

Much to my surprise, I received a package from D-Link today -- Wednesday -- yes, three business days after I'd posted the original unit off.

Further to my surprise, the unit I'd received was a brand new DWL-2100AP! Yep, they'd upgraded me from an 802.11B AP to an 802.11 G one.

In short, congratulations, D-Link. It's not often that companies (especially in the tech industry) treat customers and warranty claims with such efficiency.