Eurotrash: The Future

A few weeks ago, I pointed Joel at an Internet radio station that played Europop music. Of course, this was meant as a joke, and Joel took it as an opportunity to criticise my taste in music.

One week later, I caught Joel listening to that very Eurotrash station.

That same week, I pointed Donna at the same station. Similar reactions, and (shock/horror), within about a week, she was hooked too.

It turns out the combination of coffee and Eurotrash music makes for a great stimulant for work you really don't want to do (such as writing SRS's and doing assignments in 'Z').

I aim to have five people hooked on Eurotrash by the end of the semester.


Submitted by Joelith on Sun 07/05/2006 - 18:52

I knew it! You're getting a commission for this Eurotrash radio station! You're evil schemes are revealed.

Pity you didn't actually post the URL of the radio station -

Do I get the commission now?