Worst coffee on earth

People at uni are often critical about the coffee on campus; particularly at Calypso. But I can guarantee I've had a worse coffee than you. If you can even call it "coffee".

There's a cafe in the basement of the Transact building (on Northbourne Ave) called "Downunder". Perhaps the name is akin to the quality of the coffee.

So, I went "Downunder" this morning to get a caffiene hit. Lorrie, the owner, put on a shot, and took the milk jug out of the fridge. To my shock, it had leftover milk in it, from the previous day's trade. Not only was I getting re-heated previous days' milk, the frother on the coffee machine looked like it had never been cleaned.

The end result? As expected, the bitterest, sourest coffee I've ever had in my life. So next time you complain about the coffee at Uni, think about the poor souls who work in the Transact building.


Submitted by QueenBee on Sun 27/08/2006 - 17:46

To balance out your worst coffee - I offer the best coffee i've had in a long time - found at the Benchmark Wine Bar on Northborne Ave. For all those coffee drinkers out there I suggest you try it.