Don't ever buy from HP

Having purchased a $1300 RAID controller, I find both Harris Tech's and HP's post-sales support utterly disgusting.

Firstly, considering the controller has a non-standard proprietary connector that nobody has ever seen, you would expect such a device to come with said cable. Wrong.

After having been passed around and being on hold for the better part of TWO HOURS, HP shockingly tells me both them and their distributor claim nobody in Australia has the cable. And their Singapore distributor doesn't have the cable either.

You'd expect them to willingly sell you the cable required (presumably for $80 or more).

Their service area then decided to tell me the RAID controller wasn't supported by the server it was going to be installed in (completely contrary to HP's website). Upon directing them to the correct information, they claimed this was a "Premium" product, intended for "enterprise class" servers.

If this is a "premium" product, why is the support and service for it so lousy? Don't ever buy from HP. Their support treats you like shit, and their "service" doesn't even deserve the name.