Hunt for the best console font

I'm pretty picky about my terminal font. I can't stand using "thin" fonts on the terminal, like Lucida Console or Courier New. Perhaps it's because a good thick font reminds me of the old QBasic days, under DOS. For years I've been true to Fixedsys -- a terminal-like font that's been supplied with Windows since the early days. It's fairly similar to the old 80x25 VGA OEM font.

But Fixedsys isn't without it's problems. The character set Fixedsys supports is tiny -- it doesn't even support the whole CP437 (DOS) character set. No line drawing characters, and no unicode.

I set out in search of the ultimate terminal font, but have come up empty handed.

Every single fixed-width true-type font out there just isn't thick enough. And most of them don't have the line draw characters.

I did however find one font that I think I like better than Fixedsys: "DosLike". If only it had the line draw characters.