Anger at Taxes and fines

There's two things that really make my blood boil (okay, three, but idiot drivers don't really fit into the theme here): Taxes and fines. We'll leave fines alone for the moment here, and concentrate on taxes.

For most of you, for every dollar you earn, the government takes around a third of it. Now, lets say you spend every dollar you earn. About 10% of that, you're giving to the government too. That's not even taking into account rorts like the petrol excise.

But it doesn't stop there. Want to buy a car, or a house? Pay stamp duty in top of that. And then there's rates. You've bought your hard earned house out of your already-taxed dollars, and you have to pay hundreds of dollars per year in rates -- for property you already own!

All this probably adds up to around 40 or 50% of your income. And then governments have the nerve to say there's not enough money for healthcare, education, or good quality roads. If you can't run an effective government by taking 40% of 18 million people's income, you should be hanged.