Waste of time

Is it just me or does Ten think that I am an idiot? I realise that all 'grumpy young men' posts begin this way, but I'm sicked and tired of the way Ten is treating it's audience.

Let's start with Biggest Loser. I actually enjoyed this show in it's first season. I didn't watch it religously but I enjoyed tuning in every so often to see people that double my own weight and losing large percentages of Peter (smaller percentages of me, but you get the idea). It was on once a week and the epsidoe went through the normal - exercise routines, some politics and backstabbing, a challenge and then the vote. All over in one hour.

Now Ten has the latest Biggest Loser and it's excruciating. Take tonight's episode the stupid host has spent 3 ad breaks getting the votes of 6 people. 6 frickin people! Come on. It should be over in one ad break. Survivor can do it, why the hell can't Ten? It's worse because after each vote she recaps the votes so far. Does Ten think that I can't keep 6 (less really) votes in my head? Is this too complicated for the typical TV audience? Am I some kind of savant because I can keep track of two numbers in my head?

And then there's 'So you think you can dance'. Again I really liked the American version (both times). This was a show that I did watch religously, it was a really enjoyable show. Having now started watching the Australian version I think I know why I enjoyed the American one more - they only had one frickin episode a week. The Australian show has several episodes a week. I can't keep up. I actually have a life (probably comes as a surprise to some of you) and I don't have time to watch all the episodes. To be fair the American's actually had the same problem as us. The difference is that the show we got was a packaged recap of the week (ie: they would have the dance-off and then immediately give the results (rather than waiting for a week to get the SMS results)). This is a far better approach. My time is valuable - Ten should be lucky if they get one hour of my time. Actually screw that I'll wait for the torrent.


Submitted by nemesis on Wed 13/02/2008 - 08:59

Well, I was going to say -- watching "commercial television"? A concept almost unheard of nowadays, what with over 40% of the time being spent in an ad break.

Your post basically sums up our generation: impatient.
Ad breaks: wasting my time.
Drawing out voting process: taking too long; wasting my time.
Drawing out show plausibly presented in one hour to one week: wasting my time.

And the TV execs wonder why Bittorrent is such a rampid success in Australia.