First home buyers buying plasmas

According to new Mortgage research, first home buyers are spending their hard-earned deposits on gadgets and "fashion items". A lot of what you hear in the media about first-home buyers is about how much of a struggle it is.

This research just confirms that it's not so much a struggle as it is a lack of discipline. Having a mortgage is a large responsibility, and requires discipline. If you lack the self control to stop you going out and blowing your cash on a plasma, then you clearly aren't ready to take on a mortgage.

Welcome to the real world. Life's about making choices. Plasma, or pay your landlord's mortgage? Chinese takeaway or cook in? With a bit of self-restraint, owning your own home isn't that hard. It might mean you need to hold off on that new handbag or pair of shoes though. Seriously. You have enough already.

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