Climate "scientists" high: proof

As if we didn't need more proof that climate "scientists" were smoking crack. Yep, the same people who scream "man-made global warming" want to shower the atmosphere with sulphate particles.

Let's explore why this is an absolutely terrible idea. Firstly, even if their claims of "man-made global warming" are true, at the most, the effect on the earth is a passive one. Injecting sulphur into the atmosphere takes it from being passive to being very, very active.

Secondly, let's revisit high-school chemistry. Sulphur Trioxide + Water gives you Sulphuric acid. The tasty stuff that we know and love as Acid Rain.

It's yet more proof that we can't trust these extremist climatologists. It's a totally unproven "science", run by cowboys and based on wild assumptions.


Submitted by Dave on Sun 27/04/2008 - 21:34

I suppose we have to do something to prevent the world falling prey to cannibals...