Crap on TV

Two comments on current television programmes:

1. Good News Week: GNW is back and it's dropped the stupid variety hour gimmick it had the first time it came to commercial television. And Mikey's back as well. He's lost a hell of a lot of weight but he seems to have also lost his sense of humour. None of his 'jokes' are funny and his timing is way off. The only reason his jokes appear to be funny is because somebody else runs with it and turns it into a funny joke. Also tonight they had this American who was even less funny then Mikey (if that's possible). If they can just drop Mikey (or make sure the rest of the cast is actually funny) then the show should survive.

2. As crap as the Wedge was, are you seriously telling me that the Shane Warne parody was the one that deserved to be turned into spin-off show - 'Mark loves Sharon'. Not that any of the skits on that horrible comedy show (I think it's offensive to real comedy shows to call that bilge comedy) deserved to be spun-off. This is why even American comedy is funnier then the crap that Australians turn out. Ah for a funny Australian sketch comedy show.