Flash: The best reason to go 64

64-bit Windows has been around for around four years now. Some companies have realised that every CPU sold today is 64-bit (though, it's disappointing that most manufacturers, like Dell, will only ship the 32-bit version of Windows with your 64-bit CPU). Adobe hasn't realise they've been left behind in 2004 though.

How many times have you been haunted by those Flash popups whenever you hover over a link? Been confused by websites that are constructed entirely in Flash and you can't figure out the navigation?

Well here's a great reason to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system: NO FLASH. Adobe doesn't make a 64-bit version of Flash.

It makes a clear case for sticking to the standard web technologies (HTML and Javascript): at least it'll work on most platforms (assuming you've written it properly). What happens when Adobe goes out of business and stops making Flash for newer versions of Windows? You'll have to rewrite your entire Flash website into Silverlight or some other crazy technology.

Stick it to them: boycott a Flash website today!