Web 2.0: Sorta like Windows 1.0

It struck me the other day that there's two things Web 2.0 just can't get right:

  • A consistent user interface, and
  • Cut and paste

How many UIs do you need to learn to use three web apps (say, GMail, Flickr and Facebook)? Yep, you got it, three.

There's no established place for putting things, no established interface for performing operations, and no standard established "look and feel".

But even worse: there's no way to easily and visually get your data from one application to another. What's the shortest way to get your photo from Flickr into an email on GMail?

Both Windows and Mac have two easy ways to accomplish this: drag & drop, and cut & paste. Both of these established concepts are over 20 years old. Even Linux has some rudimentary form of cut and paste (though, albeit, inconsistent between applications).

I guess we'll have to wait for Web 3.11 for Workgroups before we see the desktop features we've taken for granted.