Migrating data from E65 to N85

Most of you already know that I got a shiney new Nokia N85 last weekend. The dilemma I faced (similar to my Eudora escapades) was how to get my messages, contacts and calendar entries from my old phone to my new one.

Migrating from my 6610 to my E65 was a breeze. Use the latest PC Suite to take a backup of the old phone, and "restore" it on the new one.

But for some reason, PC Suite 7.1 (the latest at time of writing) didn't like my E65. It would happily take a backup of it, but threw up a warning saying that it would only restore on a phone of the same model.

Strange, I thought. So I tried one of the backups I had lying around that was created in a previous version of PC Suite off my E65. Strangely enough, it would happily restore all my data.

So, in four quick steps, here's how to keep all your stuff:

  • Install Nokia PC Suite 6.82 (make sure you don't have any other PC suites installed).
  • Backup your E65.
  • Install the latest E65 (the old one won't work with your new phone).
  • Restore your E65 backup.

These steps probably work for many other "older" models, e.g. N95 or even a 6610.