Lotto: Better luck at the Casino

Occasionally, you see massive lotto jackpots. On New Years Eve, the pot was around the $30 million mark. The higher the jackpot gets, the more tickets are sold.

It's a very strange form of gambling. Most people probably pay around $20 for a lotto ticket, and have a 1 in 2,036,265 chance of winning the jackpot. And even when you do, it's likely you'll have to share it with a number of other people. In the New Years Eve 2010 draw, 19 people shared the Division 1 prize!

You've got a better chance of winning Roulette (1 in 37), or even being killed by lightning (1 in 1,603,250).

So the next time you feel like gambling, you're better off heading over to a casino or trying your luck on a slot machine. The odds of you hitting something big still won't be great but they will be much better than lotto.