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Washington DC :: DAY 2

Sunday 27th July, 2003


Washington DC is pretty cool, I got 'Jiggy' With the locals tonight, and its fucking awesome.

The night ended in 'tradgedy' when a dude from our Contiki group passed out from excessive alcohol and got hauled off in an ambulance

Fun Fun. We have seen a shit load of historical shit. Last night, we went on a tour of the whole of washington DC to see where Dr Martin luther King ('I had a dream...') made that speech, which is the Abraham lincoln memorial.

We also saw the thomas jefferson memorial (3rd presedent). We also saw 101 other monuments, which exceeded the number of monuments in monuement valley out west (request photos).

** Note :: I have been drinking shoch horror, so take it into concideration **.

Now Let me see. ah, Ghanster rap. We have listented to more ghanster rap in the last 20x days, than i've ever heard in my life. There is a channel on cable called 'BET' (black ententertainment televsion ( It fuckin rocks. Go on the website, and download the top 10 songs. Back with a vengance.

Bah Bai.

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