mason's Journal

New York, New York

Saturday 2nd August, 2003

Boo Ya. Were in NYC, this place is Nutz, everyone walks, talks and thinks so dam fast, but were catching up.

1st off the bat. I saw a live taping of Jackass We were in times square, and bam magera or ryan dunn (can't remember who), was skating n shit, so I got a close up pic of them. Then they rode down the side of times square on a scooter blind folded

We saw Caberet the other night, that was kool. Weve seen all the major sites, and seen a couple of bars. We went to the original coyotee ugly bar where the movie was based on. It was a fun place, cept the bar staff are all just a bunch of sluts.

Were staying at a youth hostel uptown at 103rd st / amsterdam ave, which is just down from harlem. most of the people who were on the contiki trip are still @ the other hotel on 74th, so we spend more time there @ the end of the nights.

I'm gonna cruise, and go check out some more shit, and i'll tell u more when I get home on weds.

Have fun People
[Manhattan, New York]

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