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Proliferation of gTLDs

Tuesday 23rd October, 2007

In a similar vein to recent Coding Horrors, it occurs to me that domain registries face a similar problem to software vendors. Software vendors are under pressure to constantly add features to get customers to purchase upgrades. Similarly, domain registries invent new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs), like ".biz" and ".pro". There's really only two reasons behind this:

  • Many companies register the .net and .org of their company name as well (presumably to fend off domain squatters)
  • The ".com" space is practically full. If you think of a cool new name, you'll probably find someone else has already registered it.

Introducing a new gTLD creates sales from both these parties. Hell, the creator of ".berlin" was given an award.

Just say no to new gTLDs.
Consumers don't respect companies with a ".biz", and spam filtering software will flag your emails if you've got a ".info". We don't need any more gTLDs.

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