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Not all your users have Flash

Wednesday 29th July, 2009

I'm disturbed and disgusted at the number of websites nowadays that have annoying popup DIVs with flash applets.

Case in point:

As the title says, not all your users have flash. Many of these sites are written by design-tards who don't think about these issues. Often they won't even include a non-flash "close" button.

"But why don't you have flash?", I hear you asking. There's a few reasons:

  • It might not be available on your particular platform (64-bit Windows, for example)
  • You run the FlashBlock extension, because you find that the only use for Flash is annoying advertisements and emo goths videos on YouTube
  • You don't run Flash, because it's plagued by unpatched vulnerabilities

Spare a thought for your users. Also, if you use floating DIVs because your popup ads are blocked, think again why your popup ad was blocked in the first place.

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31st July 2009

don't forget, "it is slow and crashey and makes firefox yet more slow and crashey".

18th November 2009

What next... Silverlight?

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