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Dell sold your email to spammers

Tuesday 11th August, 2009

Ever wonder why you get so much spam in your inbox?

Next time you give your email address out to a company, think what they might do with it. Dell, for example, sells your email address to spammers to make a buck.

Most of you already know I obsessively create a new email address for each organisation I deal with. This serves two purposes:

  • You can track which companies are bad, and sell your email address to spammers
  • You can immediately "unsubscribe" from the spammers, by simply deleting the email address.

I've found it to be immensely effective in fighting the never-ending battle of spam.

Thats right, Dell. I'm on to you.

I should start a blacklist of companies that sell your email address to third parties. I've already got a handful...

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30th August 2009

pete?? your still on this site? tongue.gif

03rd May 2010

thank you for checking on those companies...
omg i hate dell

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