Migrating data from E65 to N85

Most of you already know that I got a shiney new Nokia N85 last weekend. The dilemma I faced (similar to my Eudora escapades) was how to get my messages, contacts and calendar entries from my old phone to my new one.

Migrating from my 6610 to my E65 was a breeze. Use the latest PC Suite to take a backup of the old phone, and "restore" it on the new one.

Paint Shop Pro as non-admin user

Starting Paint Shop Pro 4 as a non-admin user under Windows XP yields the following message:

Failed to update the system registry,please try using REGEDIT.

Apparently similar results are experienced under Vista (because UAC essentially equates to running as a non-admin user).

The problem is fixed under PSP 12 -- but that doesn't help you if you're running an older version.

Unit pricing: yet another bungle

The Government's introducing a mandatory unit pricing system, to be in place by December this year. It's not an unusual idea: many countries already do this.

What what's unusual is the standard units they've chosen. When you think unit pricing, you'd probably assume the units would be the ones that are already commonly in use: per kg, and per litre.

Why? Your fresh fruit & veg are already priced per kilo. Similarly, when you buy soft drink or milk, it's measured in litres.


Evaluating Javascript libraries at work and I initially decided upon Dojo. It had some nice features, lot's of widgets and some great unit testing stuff. Now that I've actually sat down and started to play with the code I've had to change my mind. Dojo is bloat-ware. For instance, the 'Hello World' tutorial has the following code:

Top Gear Australia: FAIL

The first episode of Top Gear Australia just aired. And I could tell it was a flop, within the first 10 minutes. Somehow, they've managed to make the show sound like a boring documentary -- and without David Attenborough's charm.

The presenters just aren't interesting. Charlie Cox, some old guy nobody's ever heard of, has a voice so boring that I've found a new soundtrack for when I have insomnia. Steve Pizzati is some hippy, with all the wank and none of the charm of Richard Hammond. And I don't even see why Warren Brown's on the show. He just fades into the background.