Anger at Taxes and fines

There's two things that really make my blood boil (okay, three, but idiot drivers don't really fit into the theme here): Taxes and fines. We'll leave fines alone for the moment here, and concentrate on taxes.

For most of you, for every dollar you earn, the government takes around a third of it. Now, lets say you spend every dollar you earn. About 10% of that, you're giving to the government too. That's not even taking into account rorts like the petrol excise.

The buck stops with me; Except..

The Australian Labor Party's platform for their election win was punctuated with Kevin Rudd saying "The buck stops with me". Wayne Swan, the now-Federal Treasurer clearly doesn't share Kevin's policy.

For the last few months, Wayne has continually been blaming the last government for inflation. He just doesn't give up. Whether it's a "present from the previous government", or "the previous government's legacy" -- it's basically the same story. Wayne just can't handle it.

_new is _evil

For some reason, web content personnel and web designers seem to think target="_new" or target="_blank" is a great idea. For the non-HTML people out there, _new and _blank are two mechanisms that open a link in a new window. Some designers may prefix the link with an image such as this: